The only manufacturer in Switzerland today specializing in the production of high-end watchmaking, l'Epée 1839 was founded by Auguste L'Epée in the Besançon region of France and initially focused on producing jukeboxes and watch components. Beginning in 1850, he became a leader in the manufacture of escapements (the mechanical device for dividing time by rotating inside clocks) and began developing special regulators for alarm clocks, desk clocks, and musical clocks. L'Epée 1839 became the main supplier of many famous watchmakers and won many gold medals at world fairs.

Arnaud Nicolas, CEO of L'Epée 1839, has developed an extraordinary collection of clocks with highly sophisticated designs.

The collection focuses on three themes:

Creative Art - Often consists of artistic pieces jointly developed by the brand and outside designers. These watches surprise and inspire even the most seasoned collectors. They are designed for people who are consciously or unconsciously looking for one-of-a-kind, exceptional objects.

Contemporary Watches - Technical creations with a contemporary design (Le Duel, Duet, etc.) and complex elements such as retrograde seconds, power reserve indicators, moon phases, tourbillon (a part of the escapement mechanics of the watch to increase accuracy), ringing mechanisms or perpetual calendars A collection of minimalist, avant-garde models (La Tour).

Classic Travel (Vehicle) Watches - Finally, classic travel watches, also known as "officer watches". Drawn from the legacy of the brand, these historical pieces also feature very complex elements: bell mechanisms, minute repeaters, calendars, moon phases, tourbillons and more.

All parts are designed and produced in-house by the brand. Technical prowess, combination of form and function, very long power reserves and striking finishes are the signature features of the brand.