Oris, which has been producing watches in Switzerland for more than a century, is an innovative brand that has developed traditional watchmaking techniques and combined them with different styles. The mechanical function of Oris watches draws on years of expertise, and every watch is timelessly manufactured to the highest standards of precision. As well as its completely mechanical system and distinctive designs, Oris stands out with its red rotor, the symbol of its mechanisms. The interest of many famous people from F1, diving, jazz, aviation and Hollywood worlds to these unique designs and their desire to support their work is also an indication of how popular Oris models are.

Oris watches are designed for the next generations with aesthetic principles in mind and stretch into the future.

"The Red Rotor" is Oris' high mechanical feature in watchmaking. Every time that red rotor is seen, you can be sure that your Oris watch has been designed with high functionality and years of experience.

Oris's "Go Your Own Way" philosophy summarizes the key values ​​that the brand serves. This philosophy; It sets out with the spirit of independence, craftsmanship and cruelty.