Technical Service

Servicing and maintenance of mechanical watches lengthen their life span and this is why after sales services and maintenance should be made regularly. This procedure is essential especially for the watches exposed to heavy strike and high temperature changes. As a mechanical watch is a fine piece that is made up of very sensitive parts, we strongly recommend you to have your timepiece serviced only at officially authorized services. Every watch that is brought to the technical service is goes through a quality control and its functions are examined just like a newly manufactured watch.

Your timepiece has been thoroughly tested during the entire production process. To avoid improper manipulations that may result in unsatisfactory working of the watch, we recommend that you carefully read the instruction manual. Precision and average daily rate depend on the activity of the person wearing the instrument. Magnetic fields (computers, mobile phones, etc.) may influence the working of the watch. Violent shocks or knocks – quite common in tennis or golf – should be avioded to prevent shaking that may loosen certain parts. Because a mechnical watch is a fine piece of miniature engineering consisting of well over 100 idividual parts, its precision will never match that of a quartz timepiece.6 to 12 second deviations in 24 hours are considered as normal.

Your timepiece is guaranteed for 2 years against any manufacturing defect, provided that the guarantee card has been duly filled in with exact reference number, serial number of the instrument, date of purchase and signature of the authorized retailer.