Technical Service

In order for mechanical watches to work properly and to be long-lasting, they should be regularly maintained at an authorized service. Since such watches are made up of very sensitive mechanisms, your watches must be processed by authorized services for complicated adjustments and repairs. This is especially necessary for watches subjected to heavy impact and high temperature changes.

The quality of after-sales service is very important. Every watch brought to Technical Service is subjected to quality control and its work is examined with the precision of a newly produced watch.

Your watch has been thoroughly tested at all stages of production. We recommend that you read the user manual carefully to prevent malfunctions that may occur due to misuse of the watch. Punctuality and average daily reserve power vary according to the activities of the wearer. Magnetic fields (computers, cell phones, etc.) can interfere with watch operation. You should avoid such jolts as violent bumps and knocks - common in tennis and golf games - will loosen some parts. Since mechanical watches are miniature machines consisting of over 100 parts, their punctuality is not as precise as quartz watches. Deviation of 6-12 seconds within 24 hours is considered normal.

If the correct serial and reference numbers, purchase date, dealer stamp and signature are on the warranty card, your watch is guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects.